Easy to make starter ideas at home

Starters are something which is very much needed when guests arrive in your house. No menu is complete without starters as they begin the food and lead to the main courses which are offered later. Some people do take it on their nerves when it comes to make starters at home.

But to be very honest, there is nothing to worry. One can easily make some delicious recipes at home and if they want they can also search for starter recipes in Hindi language at cooking sites. Starters has to be appetite friendly which means it should be such that it will increase your appetite more to eat the main course and not kill it so that you cannot enjoy the proper dinner courses.

If you are preparing to make some delicious starters at home, then the primary rule is to keep all the things handy. You have to keep groceries, pastry sheets, dips, olives at hand because you never know when you will need them.   Fresh cheese, grapes and cherries are something which you will need as toppings. There can be surprise guests in your house and you need to make them some snacks. The best thing is to stick to ready to fry kebabs and chicken wings. They can solve this purpose very well. But if you have planned guests at home, then you can always make a list two or three days before and decide what to cook. You can also have some low calorie starters in your mind for the health conscious guests.

Here are some lovely snack ideas to prepare at home.

 Kakori Kebabs

This is an item which was found in Lucknow and the recipe was done by the royal chefs of Lucknow. This is made by some juicy cubes of meat (chicken or mutton) which are spiced up with a lot of chaat masala and is served with some spicy green chutney. This is an instant hit among the guests.

Stir Fried Chilli Chicken

This is a very quick recipe and can be cooked in 15 minutes. A dry version of chilli chicken which goes very well as a starter item and they are hot and spicy as well.

 Microwave Paneer Tikkas

Are you freaking out with the fact that you do not have a tandoor at home? Not to worry. You definitely have microwave I guess? Paneer tikka can be easily grilled in a microwave and one can add their favourite flavours as well.

Aloo and Dal ki Tikki

This is a very common made snack at Indian households. One can enjoy it in a rainy evening with a cup of hot tea or coffee. You can also add a dollop of chutney to go with it.

Cheese Balls

This is a ready to go snack item if you are having a mock tail or a cocktail party at home. This one is deliciously sinful.

Starter recipe tips in Hindi can be easily found in regular cook books and one can pick and choose from the recipes available there.