Easy tests to find out pregnancy

Once a woman gets pregnant there are many easy ways to find out the authenticity of it. There are many early signs of this feeling which makes one sure about the fact that they have conceived but doing a test is the most authentic way in finding out whether one is pregnant or not.

There are different types of pregnancy tests available at present and one can try any of them. Some can be tried at home whole for others one has to go to a doctor’s chamber. Home pregnancy tests are the easiest things to do but many women do not get satisfaction or surety after doing the tests on their own. That is why; they take help of a medical clinic for a second opinion and to get sure that they are pregnant.

There are different types of tests available like Home pregnancy tests, Blood tests and Clinical urine tests. One can try any of them to be sure about their pregnancy.

Home Pregnancy Tests

They are available in both digital forms and standard stick forms. If one has missed their periods they can try these tests at home. One can use the digital tests up to 6 days before they have missed their periods but in case of standard sticks the time limit is till 4 days. But one has to remember that, they should not do the test very early as then the report might come out false and negative. It may occur that you are actually pregnant but the report says otherwise.

The best time for doing home pregnancy test is in the morning as once one wakes up from sleep, their urine and hormone levels remain very high. One has to place the stick in the midstream of the urine pointing downwards. Give at least 5 minutes for the stick to work. You can also collect your first urine of the day in a dry and clean container and then dip the tip of the stick in the urine for a well 20 seconds. After the sampling is done, leave it for a few seconds to get the result.

If you get your results negative and still do not get your periods then you can repeat the test in a few days. May be there was some mistake in the first result and you get the right one in the second. It is said that the digital tests provide more accurate results than the standard sticks and they have a clear indicator which says one is pregnant or not.

 Clinical Urine Test

There can be some tests that can happen at a doctor’s chamber as well. These tests are more prone to be accurate as experts are involved in this urine test and there are very less chance of mistakes. They can easily eliminate the potential errors with their professionalism and do the test accordingly.

Blood tests are also done to find out pregnancy. They can detect pregnancy earlier than urine tests.

These are the major types of pregnancy tests at doctors.