Best Steroids for Women

Ever since the entry of steroids into the world market, it has been extensively used by bodybuilders and athletes worldwide. Though there are a number of steroids available, most of them are extensively designed for men. This has raised many questions – Which is the steroid preferred for women? Is there any steroid that can be used by female bodybuilders? Yes, of course. But it is an accepted fact that all the steroids available is not safe to be used by women. Using a steroid that is specifically designed for men might cause some serious damage to the female bodybuilders. So there is an increasing need to educate the female population about the safest steroid that can be used by them. Some women have known to use anabolic steroid to build strong muscles to achieve a toned body. On the other hand, some women resort to use steroids just for the sake of losing some weight off their body.

The recreational uses of the available steroids are to be studied thoroughly for people to understand about its function and effects. But these steroids are not available everywhere. Though there is a significant number of people who are using steroids in their daily life, availability of the same is very scarce. This is mainly due to the legal status of the product in many countries, making it a classified substance in many parts of the world. Having said that, there are two steroids that are known to develop friendly effects to women – Winstrol and Anavar. There are some other steroids like Clenbuterol, Deca Derabolin, Nolvadex, etc. However, mild steroids (fewer androgenic effects) are usually preferred for women, so that they are on the safer side. Studies reveal that women who rely upon steroids broadly fall into three categories – female bodybuilders, fitness competitors/athletes, and women hitting the gym to get in their best shapes. So we have made a detailed study on the performance of different steroids here on


Anavar is a hugely popular steroid in the performance enhancing world by both men and women. It is often referred to as a women’s steroid as it has this unique property of not bulking up on intake. The important reason why Anavar is preferred by body builders is because of its ability to enhance muscle definition and lose weight with minimal or no side effects. Unlike other steroids, this does not produce any masculine characteristics among women, making it the safest and most-effective option for them. Though when we say the side effects are minimal, there are slight chances for problems like virilisation, hardening of voice and enlargement of clitoris.


Also known as Stanozolol, this is one of the best available steroids for cutting cycles for women. It helps them lose weight, at the same time improving the overall muscle definition. Recommended dosage of winstrol for women is about 5mg per day. However, this steroid can cause some side effects like virilisation, acne, high blood pressure and a variety of other issues. To know more about various other steroids for women, visit