Indulge in These Dark Chocolate Brands for a Heavenly Taste

For all the chocolate lovers, indulging in any dark chocolate is not less than a heavenly treat that can easily satisfy your mind and taste buds in a wonderful manner. Dark chocolates are not only irresistible but they are also said to have great health benefits too. They have amazing ingredients that are good for your heart and mind. If you are really interested in trying these delicious dark chocolates, you need to explore these mind blowing options mentioned below:

Bean Therapy, Mumbai- For people who are looking for exciting handmade chocolate bars that are laced with the local ingredients which are selected from the various parts of India. These extraordinary chocolates are the brain work of the Mumbai based chef and chocolatier Sanjoy Solomon who offers distinguished chocolates. Some of his extraordinary varieties are fiery Teja chillies from Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, chikki from Lonavala in Maharashtra, delicate nutty and green tea flavours of the Kashmiri Kahwa tea and a lot more. These wonderful chocolates are created by using exotic and Indian ingredients that are mixed with the Belgian Callebaut chocolate to get the unmatched taste of these Bean therapy bars. If you are bored of trying the same usual flavours while indulging in chocolate buy online activity, try out this exquisite brand in your spare time. 

Mason & Co, Pondicherry- The French duo Fabien and Jane Mason operate this famous chocolate label in Auroville, Pondicherry. It is also one of the bean-to-bar chocolatiers and works along with the organically certified farms in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. The famous pair provides eight different types of chocolate bars that are made from the Indian origin cacao beans. They also involve in the post-harvest consulting and bean-to-bar training to various farmers. It is time to visit this unique place to get the heavenly taste of various chocolate varieties by ditching the old habit of online shopping of chocolates instantly.

Smitten Bakery & Patisserie, New Delhi- The National Capital of India offers some of the amazing chocolate flavours to people who have a strong liking for chocolates. People can find the mouth-watering exotic varieties of handmade chocolate bars that are available under the label of Smitten Bakery & Patisseries. The journalist turned chef Mandakini Gupta offers the dark chocolates with unusual flavour pairings like pistachio and raspberries, almond, currant and sea salt, hazelnut, fig and orange, pumpkin seed and candied chilli, peanut caramel crunch, roasted coffee bean and others.

The brand offers these exotic chocolates as per the orders only, so you need to place your order to enjoy these extraordinary flavours. You can order these amazing chocolate varieties and can send them as best chocolate gifts for your loved ones.

Earth Loaf, Mysore- These are one of the chocolate brands in the world that use the organically certified Indian cacao beans and is also one of the first bean-to-bar chocolate makers in India. The famous brand prepares their handmade chocolates at low temperatures in order to preserve the nutritional value that is present in the naturally occurring cacao. It brings the various amazing chocolate varieties under one brand so that you can get the best for your taste buds.

So, if you have a little time, you need to visit these amazing places to offer your taste buds the best of chocolate brands in India. It will also be a unique experience for you who mostly involves in the online shopping of chocolates.