What to expect on your first visit to a gynecologist

Many women are anxious or nervous before their first visit to a gynecologist. It does mean that your body has changed and you have stepped from being a girl to a woman. Before meeting a gynecologist in Thane west, here are some points to consider.

When is the time to undergo gynecological checkups?

The first appointment is likely to occur between the ages of 13 to 15 years. Some of them wait to secure an appointment with a gynecologist till they have their first sexual intercourse, or they have symptoms like irregular periods or abnormal discharge from the vagina. There is no need to wait and the sooner you go on to meet a gynecologist the better it is for you.

What is likely to happen at the first appointment?

If you are feeling nervous, then there is nothing to worry about. The first appointment is usually simple and the doctor spends time in knowing you better. The doctor will ask you about your family history and your sexual health. Many women find it pretty uncomfortable to discuss such issues, but it is better to be honest as then only the gynecologist will be able to guide you.

Types of gynecological exams

During your visits, you are subjected to some forms of physical examinations. Each depends upon the length of your visit, your age, sexual history and if you have any particular symptoms or not. If you are going to have any tests the doctor will first ask you not to be anxious. They will ask you to undress yourself in the bathroom or private room and then put on a gown. He will then uncover the areas of examination and all the woman are tested in the same way. It is better that you opt for obstetricians and gynecologists in Thane as they are only authorized to deal with delivery problems. The type of examinations is as follows

  • General physical examination- in this examination, your height, weight along with blood pressure is being measured
  • Breast examination- the doctor will check your breasts, with his or her fingers to check whether there is any lump or abnormal discharge.
  • Pap smear- this is the process where a few cells are taken of, that covers your cervix. The doctor goes on to use a special brush and the collected sample is then sent to the lab, to detect the presence of any abnormal cells.
  • Pelvic test- this test is not performed on a woman, until and unless they have had sex or certain symptoms are found in the vagina. To do so the gynecologist will ask you lie on the bed with your feet in sit ups position and with the legs spread across so that they are able to examine the vagina. The outside of the vagina will be checked to figure out whether you have any infections or not. The vagina will be opened with the help of a metal instrument and a few samples will be collected or checked to find out whether you have any sexually transmitted diseases or not. If the situation requires a Pap smear test will also be performed at this point. The whole process may seem a bit uncomfortable for you if it is done for the first time.