How to Protect from Life Threatening Oral Diseases

If you have a habit of brushing your teeth twice a day, you’re doing more than half the treatment by yourself. Then there are few more things to do, such as

  • Flossing at least once every day,
  • Monitoring your food and hygiene,
  • Rinsing your mouth after every meal, and more!

But, you should always visit your dentist for complete oral checkup, because it will help you preventing severe oral diseases. Here are two major dental and oral issues, for which you need to see your dentist more often:

Oropharyngeal Cancer

Ororpharungeal cancer may affect anywhere around the oropharyngeal cavity which includes gum tissue, lips, check lining, jaw, tongue, hard or soft palate or the throat. More often, it initiates as a tiny spot, red or white in color. It may also appear as swelling or sore inside your mouth or throat.

If you make a habit of visiting your dentist regularly, your dentist can examine these areas and discuss the issue in detail. Regular visits to dental clinics Peterborough always improve the chances that such spots or changes in oral health should be noticed well before the cancer becomes life threatening.

In its early stage, the cancer can be treated quite easily.

Its symptoms include:

  • numbness, tenderness or pain
  • sores that do not heal or bleed easily
  • a roughened area
  • a thick spot
  • a noticeable change in your teeth structure

Dry mouth

If you have a dry mouth, it may be because of the medications you take, or due to the weather. But if you feel that your mouth remains dry all the time, it’s time you should get some treatment. As mentioned earlier, medications and specific health conditions can make your mouth dry. It can also be due to the reduction in saliva flow rate and tooth decay.

A general physician will examine your health for any underlying disease or health conditions that may be responsible for your dry mouth. Cornerstone Peterborough Dentists will take a deep look at your teeth in order to see the signs of decay caused by the decreased salivary flow.

There is an oral issue called oral candidiasis which is an oral fungal infection. It is caused by excessive use of inhalers. So, asthma patients who use inhalers frequently are advised that they should rinse their mouth with water after the use of inhaler. If you have a dry mouth for a long time, it’s not a serious issue, but as your teeth and gums are associated with it, you have to be cautious and pay regular visits to Peterborough dental clinic. The reason is, saliva is a natural remedy that protects your teeth from decaying and strengthens them against germs. With reduced salivary flow rate, the cleansing effect is lost, giving ways to issues like tooth decay, cavities, caries and more.

The only way to avoid this issue is by letting your dentist know what kind of medication you take and for what purpose. Based on your information, your dentists may recommend you mouthwash to help you increase the flow of liquid and keep your mouth clean from potential threats.


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